Version 4.6.3: We have fixed build problem on Dec 01, 2013. We have added for each accounts 7 days. Sorry for the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why I have to install Java?

DDTool is built upon modern Java foundation, to ensure enough intelligence for the software to analyze difficult data (analyze screen). Thus, we need to install Java to allow DDTool to work

2. Would DDTool has a Keylog and steal my game account?

DDTool has NO Keylog or virus or whatsoever that would harm you, or your game account or your computer. . If you dont believe that, then you can only turn the DDTool on after you have logged in to your game , then DDTool will not be able to steal your nick. If you haven't believed, then check by this way (should do the same with internet softwares for the maximum security)

  • If you use Windows Vista, or Windows 7, then never allow the software to have administrator privilege (the administrator privilege dialog with come up when you open the software and blur other windows). With DDTool, you will not see this screen because DDTool doesn't need administrator privilege
  • Monitor windows' processes (access by Ctrl+Alt+Del > Task manager) to make sure there is no other process spawned (a normal keylog or virus process would still continue even when you have shutdown the software). With DDTool, you will see there are 2 java.exe processes and they will disappear when you shut DDTool down (Java is very safe to computer)

Also, 100% of our benefit come from you and your trust, not from your Game account. We value you and your trust as we value our other thousands of customers worldwide - as that is the source of our business.

3. Will Game Operators know that I use DDTool and lock my account?

Unlike other traditional game hack tool which hook deep inside game memory, DDTool use a very safe method to hack which is scan screen and analyze, Game Operator won't be able to know that you are using DDTool.

4. Why this hacking method is so safe but still other hack tool doesnot use?

Because this method is very complicated and expensive, moreover, it is not 100% accurate, and should only apply to games that have high security level. For other lower security games, we can use other simpler hacking method and the result is still accurate

Version: 4.6.9

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