Version 4.6.3: We have fixed build problem on Dec 01, 2013. We have added for each accounts 7 days. Sorry for the problem.

How to use DDTool

To fire - use Delete button

  • After you have chosen the fire angle, just press Delete, the tool will help you fire at that specified power.
  • Notice: You only press Delete key and release it immediately, no need to hold it like holding space bar key
  • Hint: This will also work if you want to fly to a desired location

To choose enemy location

  • Use ~ button and left mouse (hold ~ and click left mouse). A red circle will appear on the tool's map over the new enemy location
  • To cancel the location, hold ~ and right click. This should be done to allow tool to auto locate enemy

To choose your location

Sometimes, tool cannot locate your position (due to invisible or you stand at the edge of screen).
To locate yourself, you do similar to locate enemy, but you need to hold shift in addition

  • You hold ~, shift, then left click. On the tool's map, a green circle will appear on the location you have chosen
  • To cancel - you need to hold ~, shift then right click, the location will be cancel. This will switch the tool to auto locating


  • You can click mouse on the game's map, tool's map or the main game's screen, that doesn't matter

Don't do this:

  • Must not let anything on your screen that block wind, map, angle, and the buttons above the map (config and quit game buttons). Often you need to turn off your IDM as it block the buttons above game's map

Show 3 lines

  • During fight, hold Shift to show 3 lines. This will help you control your 1-2 combination better and dig your enemy deep down

Manually choose wind value

Sometimes, tool will show wrong wind value, you may change it as below:

  • Hold ~ key
  • Type the desired wind value
  • Release ~ key

You will see the wind value be changed as you typed

For example:

  • If you want '0.4', type: '0.4' or '.4'
  • If you want '1.4', type: '1.4' or '14'

Press TAB to switch targets

Sometimes, if you fight 2 vs 2 (or 3vs3...), tool will target the opponent that you don't want to shoot at. Press TAB key on your keyboard and tool will switch to the other one

Have fun

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